Fitness and Nutrition

During your 6 day stay we will uncover myths, fads and facts about fitness and nutrition. With lots of conflicting advice out there, our expert trainers and nutritionist will assist you on discovering the best plan for you. Not only to reach your goal, but to maintain a healthy lifestyle for years to come.

We Do Not focus on impossible exercises or extreme diets that will not fit into everyone’s day to day life. We focus on a sensible approach that will accommodate work and family life.



All of our Trainers are highly qualified and governed by the Register of Exercise Professionals (REP’s). Our trainers hold degrees in Sports Science and level 4 Specialism’s in their chosen fields. Our trainers undertake ongoing education and training, ensuring up to date knowledge and expertise. As well as having years of experience, they specialise in working with clients, who are getting back into exercise and are aware of clients limitations and needs and will adjust exercises accordingly.

Exercise Sessions

Although many coming to Eden Hills Health Retreat are looking for weight loss initially, we take a full and well rounded approach to exercise. Sessions vary from focusing on Cardio, Strength, Co-ordination, Balance, Flexibility and Stress Relief. Eden Hills is not designed to put clients through 8 hours of high intensity exercise each day to maximise results by the end of the week, but to use the sessions as a workshop so you can gain a full understanding of the classes. This is to ensure that upon your return home, you have the confidence to enrol in similar, local classes that you have enjoyed in your time with us.

Please See Time table for class.

Regardless of your current health and fitness levels, you will be in good hands. Eden Hills will always have an exercise referral specialist on hand to give advice if you have any concerns. During your stay with us, relax with your inclusive massage therapy session, with our fully qualified resident therapist.


We all know the saying “You cannot out run a bad diet” and this is something we focus on heavily at Eden Hills. Not only will all your food allergies, intolerances and preferences be catered for, but it will be done in a tasty enjoyable way. Each meal will be accompanied with a recipe card, to go into your progress folder so you can recreate the dishes at home. As well as having a workshop with our Nutritionist, where you will gain real world information about food, which you can follow for years to come, but throughout your stay you will have a cookery lesson showing basic skills and a meal planning workshop. We won’t let you go home unprepared or living off the same dish for every meal.

Low Fat, Reduced Carbs, Shakes, Juices, 5 On 2 Off, Sugar Free, Meal Replacement Plans, Low Calorie, High Protein, Calorie Controlled, Weight Loss Meetings... CONFUSED?

These are just a few of the many conflicting weight loss plans around, we here at Eden Hills will help to guide you to a Manageable, Maintainable, Nutritious, Healthy and Enjoyable eating plan. We aim to educate you on a journey to avoid sudden dramatic weight loss only to return to your original position in a short time and you have to start the process again.

Where possible all produce is locally sourced, fresh and natural. We aim to reduce food miles as much as possible by using local suppliers.

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